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Embracing Change while Protecting the Best of Black Diamond


I am running because while change is inevitable, the way in which we grow and change is far from a foregone conclusion. Black Diamond is at a crossroads of change. We see it every day in the development projects bringing rapid growth, and with it, great challenges and opportunities, including for our infrastructure, maintaining a healthy budget, and continued partnership with our three school districts. With more people moving to call Black Diamond home, it is clear that we must respond by welcoming and embracing our new neighbors, in both our words, and in ongoing resolutions that recognize that diversity is a strength and being neighborly is a value. This includes welcoming businesses to Black Diamond as a place to responsibly do business and create jobs. Ultimately, though, the reason why people have lived in this community for as long as they have, and why many desire to live here, is because of its beautiful green spaces and wetlands. As City Council Member, I vow to ensure that even with these current development projects that we still work even harder to preserve and protect our wetlands, forests, lakes, and rivers through advocating for better zoning and stronger codes at the county and state level, and to make sure that it is we, the people, rather than large monopolistic companies, who determine the future of our lands for generations to come.

About Kristiana


A graduate of Kentwood High School and of Pacific Lutheran University, for both my Master's of Education and my Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, Chinese Studies, and Scandinavian Studies, I have been passionate about being part of conversations and learning more from a wide range of people from all walks of life.  I love to learn about what people care about, and use that knowledge and insight to both empower others to find their voices, and for me to use my voice to advocate for others.

I have grown up in South King County and have witnessed the dramatic changes that it has undergone over the past two decades. The new strength that other South King County cities in which I have lived, worked, played, volunteered in, have built as a result of their increasing diversity, and the growing pains including congestion and a loss of green spaces as a result of a large population boom, have already become a part of a new chapter in Black Diamond's story. These dualities have both inspired my run for City Council as I see growth both as a challenge and an opportunity for the city we have called home for a few years now. As a newer resident of Black Diamond, I personally understand the need for new residents to feel as welcome as we first did, just as I value the sense of community and fascinating history that must continue to shape Black Diamond's identity.  

I have worked in public education for seven years, in the Kent, Federal Way, and currently Tahoma School Districts, and I see the importance of maintaining positive relationships between city council and our school boards for the well-being of our students. I live with my husband in the historic part of Black Diamond and we have two outspoken Alaskan Malamutes.  Pictured here is my husband and me after completing our second Tough Mudder in Black Diamond. I love staying physically active, including substituting as a group fitness instructor running (particularly trail running). In April of this year I just ran my first marathon as preparation for the marathon of public office!

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